Elite Performance

Elite Performance Enhancement Program $250.00

  • Five week, intensive, pre-conditioning program for competitive high school and collegiate athletes.
  • Focused on increasing speed, agility, and explosive power.
  • Train 3x/wk, 2 hours each session.

Group Training

Group Training $80/month

  • Tailored to the capacity of the athletes conditioning, recovery, and or growing cycle.
  • Open to athletes as young as 12
  • IPF staff coaches athletes through teaching proper weightlifting techniques, speed and agility and auxiliary lifting.
  • Train up to 3 days/week (12 or 13 days/month)


CrossFit ® starting @ $90/month

Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Gymnastic Strength Activity
  • Cardiovascularly demanding
  • These groups can be as large as 12.
  • New WOD (Workout Of the Day) developed every day

See CrossFit for info>

Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership $45/month

Open to all seeking to develop or maintain a strong fitness level. If you are recovering from injury or surgery, have not exercised in years or have never lifted weights, it is required that you begin with at least one session of personal training ($50/session). The one on one training session will familiarize you with the equipment, and design a training program to meet your specific needs and/or fitness goals. Beyond the initial personal training session(s), this package offers minimal supervision. It is our policy, however, that a coach is on the floor at all times to answer questions and guide you toward proper technique. Safety is among our top priorities. Members at this level have access to all IPF equipment: weightlifting, speed and agility, plyometric and cardio.

Unlimited access, no daily training provided:

  • $45/month

Any NEW Monthly member is required to pay an additional $50 fee, up front, for training on our equipment and to have a training program established.


IPF Payments

  • All monthly payments are due on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, depending upon when you started training at IPF.
  • IPF does NOT charge any annual membership or sign up fees. You are charged by the month for an entire month of training (typically 3days/week).
  • Your monthly payment is for 30 days. Any missed days within that time period does NOT warrant any refund or proration.
  • There is no transfer of membership. If a member discontinues training at any time during a month, the remaining month of training and the money paid is forfeited.
  • There is NO Roll-Over. If a member misses days in a month (successive or not) that missed time does not get added to the following month, regardless of circumstances. We do not pro-rate any monthly charges.
  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to inform IPF Staff of any change in membership status. You will be invoiced until we hear from you, your intention to step away for a season.

Civil Servants 10% Discount: Teachers, First Responders, Active Military. Discounts apply to unlimited monthly CrossFit membership only.

Family Discounts 5%:

  • Must be in the same household
  • Three or more people
  • Any combination of training: Group, Monthly member, CrossFit