Getting Started

Getting Started

To get started at IPF Performance Training Center you need to download, print and fill out the form below. Bring it with you to the gym. If you are under 18 make sure you have your parents or guardian fill out the consent section of the form.


Enroll in the program you need. Checkout our programs and monthly membership pricing on our Programs Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

Owner, Jeff Lyrenmann, is a graduate of Carthage College, Kenosha, WI, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Athletic Training. After successfully completing the national board exam for Athletic Training, Jeff worked for OSF in Rockford and then FHN in Freeport, providing sports medicine support to area high school athletic programs. Jeff continues to seek education in his area of passion. He has earned national credentialing as a strength and conditioning specialist (NCSCS), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), USA Weightlifting Performance Coach, and CrossFit Level I Coach. See About US >

What is CrossFit?

Succinctly put, CrossFit is: Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. It is a unique blend of Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastic Strength Activity, Powerlifting, and Cardiovascular Exercise. See our CrossFit page>

Do you teach me how to lift?

Jeff teaches each new CrossFit member in the fundamentals of Olympic Lifting. This coaching happens one on one or in a group no larger than three, separate from an on-going CrossFit class. See IPF Programs>

How much does a membership cost?

IPF does NOT charge any annual membership or sign up fees. You are charged by the month for an entire month of training (typically 3days/week). See IPF Programs>

What if I’m sick or on vaction?

Your monthly payment is for 30 days. Any missed days within that time period does NOT warrant any refund or proration.

Do I lose my membership when I am not training at IPF and competing with my athletic team?

IPF does NOT charge any annual membership or sign up fees. You are charged by the month for an entire month of training (typically 3days/week).

Do you have a Locker Room?

All outdoor shoes and clothing, gym bags and non-essential training items must be stored in a locker. You are invited to bring a padlock if you have training gear that you wish to leave @ IPF. NO STREET SHOES ON GYM FLOOR.

Do you have a lost and found?

Any lost items are kept in the first lower locker. Items are kept for 2 months and then taken to Good Will